Interactive Digital Media Kildonan-East Collegiate

Website Projects

The project links on the left will take you to a variety of projects made by students

Many of them are portfolio sites for my digital media programs. Some of them are individual projects.

In the Grade 9 portfolios, some of the older portfolios include games that run on the Unity3d Web Player plugin which is available for Safari and Firefox, but not Chrome or Edge. Download it here.

Website Development

In all of my interactive courses, there is an element of content creation for the web. In Grade 9, I provide students with a portfolio template, which they edit to include their own content. In Grade 10, we do a similar project, but dive deeper into HTML5 and CSS3. In Grade 11, in my WebDesign/Interactive Websites course students explore advanced topics such as creating responsive web sites, form data collection, Javascript and jQuery, PHP/MySQL database connections. I am hoping to include some asynchronous data with AJAX next year, but that's tentative.